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A time to post…

5 Jun

…is not what I have right now.

But since, surprisingly enough (for me), I still haven’t forgotten about this blog, I felt it would be good practice to post anyway. We’re in the home stretch of the school year here right now, and so things are pretty crazy, as most of you can understand. My classes are tearing through review this week, and their exams are next week already (eeep!), so I have to marshal my energy and resources to make sure the vast majority of them pass.

For example, I made a tasty beef bacon-tomato-vodka-sauce fettucine for dinner tonight after my workout, but the food-sharer and I were too hungry to take pictures (and while it was tasty, it wasn’t all that photogenic), so we devoured the whole thing in a few minutes flat. Even without pictures, I’m reluctant to post a recipe since (aside from the lack of time issue) the sauce was sort of a “semi-homemade” affair involving my usual ingredient-tinkering chicanery (yes, it’s that bad even with premade stuff).

Anyhow, there’s still a light at the end of the tunnel! While the weekend right after the kids are out of school is already taken (ugh @_@), there’s still one more weekend to count on, and I plan on making the sadly neglected lamb ribs (mentioned in the last post) then. Hopefully I’ll be able to 1) follow through, and 2) take some nice pics as they’re cooking. Mmmmmm…

And hey, if not that, there’s a faculty luncheon on the docket next week as well. Looks like everything is coming up cooking!