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Cran-Brie Eyetarts!

19 Oct

My submission for Serious Eats and Pepperidge Farms’ Puff Pastry Contest!


o/~ I always feel like / somebody’s watching meee… o/~

These are made with puff pastry (natch), a quick from-scratch cranberry sauce with a nice pepper jelly kick, and brie on top! Full recipe and such to come after the submission deadline for the contest is over (more because I have to go out of town tonight than because of any worries vis-à-vis copycats or whatever, though).

In the meantime, have some more pictures!

Three little eye tarts, all in a row…

Sorry for the blurriness, the sweet and spicy kick of the cranberry sauce and the ooey gooey meltiness of the cheese mixed with the buttery flakiness of the pastry made my hands shake…yeah, I’ll go with that story. <.<

MONSTROUSLY delicious! 6:

I’ll be back after this weekend with more details! Until then…

Eye’ll be seeing you! 8D