Sharks rule. I enjoy cooking, and I really should practice my writing, and I don’t have a camera. Hence…

…this blog:

I plan on posting recipes here that I’ve more or less invented, as well as ones that I’ve tinkered with. Every now and then you’ll probably see some links to recipes I can’t wait to try but am too lazy or poor to actually attempt (those of you who are in my G+ recipes circle should be familiar with this). While I don’t have a camera of my very own, I do understand that no food porn is ever the same without a photo, so I’ll probably be stealing borrowing my roommate’s camera when I can and editing posts to fit. I do this for you, dear reader. Well, I do it for me as well since otherwise the blog will look sad and malnourished and I will be sad, but that still benefits you, so it counts.

Actually, I’m not too sure how it will benefit you, since I tend to cook more for taste than any sort of presentation. And, since I’m fairly OK with photography, it’s highly likely that most of my photos will be taken at the food blog equivalent of MySpace angles. <.<

If you’re going to read this blog, you should probably be clued in to at least one thing, and that thing is that I feel about recipes the way the Pirates of the Caribbean feel about rules, which is to say that I think they’re more like guidelines. I tinker madly and rarely measure, and when I do measure I often alter the measurements as well. I do try to estimate when I make something that I think will turn into being a recipe, but it’s rare that I sit down and am super detailed about it and test it again. This isn’t because I hate science, or because I’m lazy (OK, it’s probably got quite a bit to do with being kind of lazy).

It’s because I feel like as long as deliciousness is the result, anyone using my recipes will probably end up altering them a bit themselves, even if it’s not on purpose. I mean, no two ovens are ever the same temperature, maybe your 1/2 tbsp measuring spoon has a little divot on it that changes things…I try to be accurate enough for someone following my recipes to make more or less the same thing I made, but also to allow for personal variation, since it’ll happen anyway (and should).


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